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4-H Robotics Club

Lego Tournament 2016

Grass Valley First Baptist Church

Harvest Dinner & Concert 2015

Wasco Railroad & History Center 

Planters 2015

Public/School Library

Traveling Lantern Theater Co. 2016

Sherman Co Photography Club

Portable Display Screen 2016

Sherman County Child Care Foundation, Inc.

Multi-Cultural & STEM Equipment 2016

Sherman County Fair

Entertainment - Susie McEntire 2017

City of Wasco

Wasco Walking Quilt Trail 2017

Sherman County Public/School Library

Author Visit: Patrick Carman 2017

Wasco School Events Center

Cafeteria/Stage Renovation 2017

Sherman County Jr/Sr High Band

LA Philharmonic Performance/Musical Clinics 2017

Quilt Fiber Event 2018.jpg
Fiber Event 2 2018.jpg

Lisa's In Stitches & Sage Mountain

Quilt & Fiber Event 2018

Extension Kids Drama Camp 2018.JPG

OSU/Sherman County Extension

Kids Summer Drama Camp 2018

Library Craft Cutter 2018.jpg
Library Makerspace Craft Cutter 2018.jpg

Sherman County Public/School Library

Makerspace - Craft Cutter 2018

Pavilion Dinner Dance 2018.jpeg

Grass Valley Pavilion Restoration Committee

Annual Max Nogle Dinner/Dance/Auction 2018

Easter Hunt 2018.jpg
Easter Hunt 2.jpg

City of Grass Valley

Annual Easter Egg Hunt/The Reptile Zone 2018

SCCC - SKORE Cheerleading Fall 2018.jpg

Sherman SKORE Cheerleading Program

Project Team Spirit 2018

SCCC - Library Spring 2019 3.jpg
SCCC - Library Spring 2019.jpg
SCCC - Library Spring 2019 2.jpg

Sherman County Public/School Library

3D Printer & Scanner 2019

SCCC - Fair Spring 2019.jpeg

Sherman County Fair

ADA Picnic Table 2019

SCCC - Davis Spring 2019 1.jpg
SCCC - Baptist Church Fall 2018.jpg

Grass Valley First Baptist Church

Joni Harms Concert 2018

SCCC - Davis Spring 2019 2.jpg

Darian Davis

Community Basketball Court 2019

SCCC - Extention Spring 2019.JPG
SCCC - Extention Spring 2019 2.jpg

OSU Sherman County Extension

 Kids Summer Drama Camp 2019

SCCC - Free Little Libraries 2 2019.jpeg
SCCC - Free Little Libraries 2019.jpeg
SCCC - Free Little Libraies 2 2019.jpeg

Sherman County PTO

Free Little Libraries 2019

SCCC - Kids Summer Drama Camp 2020 2.JPG
SCCC - Kids Summer Drama Camp 2020.JPG
SCCC - Fall Festival 2020 3.jpg

OSU Sherman County Extension

Kids Summer Drama Camp 2020

SCCC - Fall Festival Fall 2020 2.jpg
SCCC -- Fall Festival 2020 Fall.jpg

Sherman County Booster Club

Fall Festival 2020

SCCC - Leaps and Beats Fall 2020 2.jpeg
SCCC - Leaps and Beats Fall 2020.jpeg

Leaps and Beats Dance Studio

Mirror Project 2020

Sherman Kids Zone - photo 2 2021.JPG
Sherman Kids Zone - photo 1.JPG

Sherman Kids Zone

SCCC Fall 2021 PS Library 2.jpg
SCCC Fall 2021 PS Library 1.jpg

Sherman County Public/School Library
Handmade From the Heart 2021

SCCC Fall 2021 Wasco School EC 4.JPG
SCCC Fall 2021 Wasco School EC 3.JPG
SCCC Fall 2021 Wasco School EC 1.jpg

Wasco School Events Center
Stage Floor Restoration 2021

Dance studion.jpeg
Summer Dance Camp001.jpg

Leaps & Beats Dance Studio
Summer Dance Camp 2021

GV Easter.jpg
GV Easter Egg.jpg

City of Grass Valley
Annual Easter Egg Hunt 2021

Harvest Fest 5.jpg
Havest Fest.jpg
Harvest Fest 2.jpg
Harvest Fest 4.jpg

OR Frontier Chamber of Commerce
Sherman Co Harvest Fest 2021

Sherman School.JPG
Sherman School 2.JPG

Sherman County School
Artist in Residence 2021

Sherman Booster 4.jpg
Sherman Booster 2.jpg

Sherman County Booster Club
New Year Celebrations 2021

West Family 2.jpeg
West Family 3.jpeg

West Family Homestead
Pottery Class 2022

Turkey Trot.jpg
Turkey Trot 4.jpg

SC Wellness/SC Prevention
Turkey Trot/5K Family Walk/Run 2022

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