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Our Mission

The mission of the Sherman County Cultural Coalition is to make a positive impact on the community and create a solid foundation for the future by identifying, preserving, developing and expanding cultural resources that reflect the unique spirit of Sherman County.


The Sherman County Cultural Coalition’s role is to set policy for the organization, administer funds awarded to the Coalition from the Oregon Cultural Trust.   "The Oregon Cultural Trust is Oregon's unique engine for fueling culture by inspiring Oregonians to participate in the cultural tax credit."  To learn more, visit  The Sherman County Cultural Coalition also administers funds from other sources, appoints a fiscal agent, and leads the community in implementing the Sherman County Cultural Plan. The Coalition will ensure that the Arts, Heritage and Humanities are addressed in accordance with the priorities outlined in the County Cultural Plan and will implement the Plan in a way that fairly encourages countywide participation in cultural activities.


* Protect and strengthen investment in Sherman County’s existing cultural resources.
* Engage youth in the arts, heritage and humanities.
* Promote cultural programs that stimulate cultural opportunities and economic growth and encourage that there are accessible, suitable and affordable spaces for cultural activities in Sherman County.
* Promote publication and dissemination of cultural information related to the arts and culture within Sherman County.
* Encourage comprehensive arts-focused planning efforts in Sherman County through the integration of cultural development strategies with economic development policies.

Fiscal Agent - Sherman Development League

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